Initially teased over a year ago at the Nintendo Switch Presentation, and then fully unveiled back in October, Shin Megami Tensei V is shaping up to be quite the significant leap for the demon hunting RPG series. Fans may have quite the wait in store, however, if a recent comment from Kazuyuki Yamai to 4Gamer is anything to go by (as translated by PersonaCentral).

As of December 2017 Yamai described the project as being in a “scrap-and-build” phase, but now the game has entered full-scale development. Here’s the full quote:

At the start, the production of this project only had a few people at its core, with more and more people gradually becoming involved. Although this number is still increasing, I feel that the production staff has come together considerably to a point—and reaching a milestone—where we can say we’ve started full-scale development.

Yamai also reveals that the team wants to deliver impressive visuals while taking advantage of portable lessons learned from both 3DS Shin Megami Tensei IV games, stating that the production time for one demon’s model apparently takes three times as long.

Shin Megami Tensei V may be some ways away then but we’re sure to hear more in the months to come.

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Written by Tom Brown

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