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It’s been a while since I’ve gotten to talk about Fire Emblem Warriors, but here we are again with three new characters joining the roster. They’re available now for anyone who purchased the Season Pass or their own ‘Shadow Dragon’ pack, but if you’re on the fence or just want to see what you’ll be getting yourself into, you can check them all out below.


First is Minerva, princess of Macedon and the original wyvern rider. She flies in with her crimson armor and Hauteclere axe to lay waste to anyone standing in her way. She looks like a standout, and will serve as an alternative to anyone who may not want to rely on Camilla as a flying axe.


Navarre is next, a character already featured in the game. While it could be argued that he should’ve been playable already, the series’ first myrmidon definitely looks like the flashiest of these three. With two swords and no nonsense, he’s a stern presence for longtime fans.


Last but not least we have Linde, lighting up the battlefield with her Aura tome. With plenty of spell based attacks she rounds things out with a new character for magic fans to take to. Just like the other two, she gets her own History Mode map to play through, offering plenty of new challenges and weapons for those willing to take them on.

I’ll be putting time into the three of them this weekend to see how they stack up to their moveset counterparts in the cast and what sort of retro callbacks accompany them. The whole set is available now.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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