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A Reddit user has received an early copy of the Japanese-exclusive special edition of Bayonetta 1 and 2 for Nintendo Switch, and has posted several photos detailing what’s included in the package.

The redditor, chkenwing, said they purchased the Bayonetta Non-Stop Climax Edition from a local shop in Hong Kong for $1038 HKD (around $132 USD).

Among other things, chkenwing confirmed that the included physical copy of Bayonetta 1 has both English and Japanese audio options, as well as options for English, Japanese, German, Spanish, French, and Italian subtitles.

The redditor had not yet played the copy of Bayonetta 2, but said that “no doubt it’ll have the same [language] options.”

Currently, the Japanese-only Non-Stop Climax Edition is the only way to obtain a physical, cartridge-form copy of Bayonetta 1.

Check out the full gallery of photos below to see what’s in store for fans who ordered this special edition of the Bayonetta re-releases.


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