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The folks behind Digital Foundry have started comparing Bayonetta’s adventures on the Nintendo Switch to the Wii U counterparts. With the Bayonetta 1 & 2 release a little over a week away, we now have some hard facts about the games’ resolution and frame rates.

There’s no 1080p here — but oddly enough, having the game perform in 720p in both handheld and docked mode is a good thing. There have been some refinements made since the Wii U version’s release, and out of the changes made it’s interesting to report that it’s the frame rate where imagery really flourishes. Instead of sometimes dropping 20 frames or more like on the Wii U version, the Nintendo Switch’s stats are consistent. Even in docked mode, you won’t dip below 50. And if you’re looking to game on the go, the lowest number it’s dipped to is 47 — which only occurred in one, specific location.

Overall, Bayonetta 1 & 2 pushed the Wii U’s limitations and now it’s shining on the Switch. Sure, you’re not getting PC Master Race numbers here, but the fact that you can easily game on the go with Platinum Games’ bewitching, snarker of a heroine is reason enough to pick up these titles again.

To check out side-by-side comparisons and images, watch the full video below or read the article on Eurogamer.


See you at the Gates of Hell on February 16th!

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