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February seems to be an unofficial month of Nindies. With plenty of fantastic titles dropping recently and this week, there are even more games being announced for the month and beyond.


Another indie title making the transition to the Nintendo Switch, Typoman’s debut onto the console will consist of the game’s latest version — Typoman: Revised. Priced at $12.99, Wales Interactive has marked the title 20% off ($10.39) if you pre-purchase the game. Thanks to Brainseed Factory, you’ll be able to delve into the power of words on February 22nd.

Currently, the game will only be available in the eShop, so head on over there to experience the adventure for the first time or double dip again for this fantastic game.




On a roll this week, the Italian game studio announced two titles gracing the system. First up is The Wardrobe, a point and click adventure. Published by Adventure Productions, this is the first game that MixedBag is launching with Adventure Productions.

MixedBag has teased some images of the game in action and promises a touchscreen experience.


For even more point and click adventure fun, Detective Gallo will be the studio’s next focus. With a noir spin, you’ll be playing as a feathered, plucky detective investigating fowl to find out about foul deeds. You can head to the official Detective Gallo site for more information and visuals.

The Wardrobe has been previously released on Steam, whereas Detective Gallo is still in production and is listed with a release date of Spring 2018 on Steam.

Excited for what 2018 holds for Nindies? We’ve just flipped our calendars to February and there’s plenty of indie games available and coming soon to the console that hasn’t even been around 11 months.

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Written by Jennifer Burch

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