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Take this one with a large but delicious grain of salt: ResetEra user Dr. Caroll found a presentation on Slideshare that appears to be from Sumo Digital, developers of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. The slides mention three in-development games: two FPS games and a karting game with an “established global IP.” The studio took over the rights for Dead Island 2 from studio Yager Development in 2016, so one of the shooter games is most likely that one, while the second “established global IP” shooter with an “unannounced major partner” has people guessing everything from Metroid Prime 4 to Perfect Dark to TimeSplitters.

Even more exciting (personally speaking) is the “established IP” karting game with “original development.” That certainly does fit the bill of a sequel to Sonic & All-Star Racing Transformed, which was developed in-house by Sumo Digital. The game sold very well on consoles and later received a second wind on Steam, where it received several new characters. A new Sega racing game on Switch would, I’m sure, do gangbusters, so we’ll keep an eye out for any more information on this rumor.

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