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This year’s Game Developers Conference will be a bit fresher as Splatoon 2 and ARMS are part of the design talks happening throughout the week. Producers Hisashi Nogami and Kosuke Yabuki will be covering the development process in different ways. On top of that, Mr. Nogami will be donning his Squid Research Lab coat while breaking down the design process and discussing the transition from Splatoon to Splatoon 2. A master fighter himself, Mr. Yabuki will be talking about ARMS, but from the angle of the Mario Kart franchise. Serving as a producer and director within the series, Mr. Yabuki will go over how Mario Kart influenced and shaped the arms-slinging fighting game.

Both talks will be 60 minutes long are still awaiting dates to be assigned to them. At the moment, we do know that the GDC will be taking place from March 19th to March 23rd in San Francisco, California at the Moscone Center. Ticket prices run rather high — but if you’re a student, you can try to obtain a student discounted pass available on site only on March 23rd.

We’ll keep watching for further information about these two talks, and we’ll make sure to share any full discussions and small snippets in video format as soon as they’re uploaded to the GDC’s YouTube page.

Source: GDC PR

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