Limited Run Games, those upstanding publishers of indie physical editions, have just announced not one — but two — upcoming Switch releases. First up is Flinthook, the grappling hook fueled space pirate roguelike with an adorable design that’s already made waves on other platforms. While we don’t have a date for this one, it’s “coming soon.”


Arriving much sooner will be its fellow Tribute Games title, Mercenary Kings. Dubbed the Reloaded Edition, this one gives off some serious Metal Slug vibes and features beautiful sprite work by Paul Robertson. You can become a gun for hire on Switch yourself starting February 6th.


Remember to keep your eye on Limited Run Games to see what physical editions it may be bringing on next, but for now take a look at the treatment it’s giving these two titles and get ready to make that order quick — they aren’t considered limited for nothing.



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Written by Ricky Berg

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Ricky Berg