After teasing followers through a series a tweets over the past two weeks, the Fabraz Twitter account has finally officially unveiled the must-have plush for fans of the game.


Just as the tweet states, the plush is already available at PAX South, which just opened its doors today. So if you already have plans to attend the event, you’ll have the premiere opportunity to pick up Slime-san and Birdie for $25 — until supplies run out or PAX wraps up on Sunday, January 14th. And if PAX South attendance just wasn’t in the cards for you this year, fear not! The goopy, yet lovable plush is promised to appear online through The Indie Box within just six week’s time.

After falling hard for Slime-san’s “pixel precise controls, catchy chiptune tracks and gorgeous crayon-colored aesthetic,” we can’t help but get hyped over this collectible. If you wanna see why we can’t stop raving about Fabraz’s gem, you might want to check out our review — it’ll make you want to add Slime-san to your collection before you know it.

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Written by Lauren Ganos
Creative Director, Managing Editor

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