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UPDATE: Raw Fury Games has revealed that Dandara will be released for Nintendo Switch on February 6th. You can get the full details in our dedicated article.

Move over, Bayonetta, there’s a new butt-kicking diva in town! Publisher Raw Fury Games tweeted today that its upcoming fast and fluid 2D side-scroller, Dandora, will be clinging to Nintendo Switch screens this February!


The game itself follows in the typical 2D platforming boots of classic Metroidvanias, complete with boundless exploration and lovingly crafted environments. The kicker? The game’s big-haired beauty ricochets around each room like a pinball, clinging to surfaces with the poise and grace of a ninja.

While we wait for an exact release date, feel free to rock out to the soundtrack snippet provided in the initial announcement tweet above. Looking for a deeper dive into Dandara’s depths? Fortunately, there’s a special Q&A with the development team happening right now on Discord, where you can catch all kinds of nifty details and fun surprises like this beautiful piece of early concept art.



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Written by Matthew Weidner

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