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Next year is set to be huge for Dragon Quest on Nintendo Switch. Not only is the next major installment XI on the way, but both Builders spin-offs are getting ported, too.

Mixing RPG gameplay and progression with Minecraft-style block building, Dragon Quest Builders was received quite well when it launched in 2016 for the PlayStation 4 and Vita. Now it’s been confirmed that the Switch version will launch March 1st in Japan, while a demo is landing a month earlier on February 1st.

Check out the new trailer from Jump Festa 2018, which mainly features the opening cinematic but the end has some gameplay:

Nintendo confirmed Dragon Quest Builders for Switch would be heading overseas during Spring 2018 in its last general Direct. It’s also been confirmed that the company will be taking over publishing duties in the west, not Square Enix. Hopefully this doesn’t mean we’ll see much of a delay, considering the game is already fully localized.

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Written by Tom Brown

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