10 million Switch units sold worldwide in just nine months | Nintendo Wire

It’s pretty clear that the Nintendo Switch has been a roaring success at this point, from a critical and commercial perspective. Nintendo has given us an update on the latter angle, revealing that the system has shifted over ten million units since launch just nine months ago in early March. The official press release also confirms more systems will be released in Japan to deal with growing demand over the holidays.

While we’re sure to hear more specifics when Nintendo releases its next fiscal results in early February, it’s an impressive milestone nonetheless. To compare, the Wii U sold around 13.6 million units in its entire lifetime while the GameCube’s 21.74 million is well within reach. It also means the Switch has outsold Sega’s Dreamcast and Saturn.

We’ll be sure to bring more on the Switch’s sales as Nintendo divulges more information.

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Written by Tom Brown

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Tom Brown

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  1. CuriousUserX90 says:

    How nice, even though the Switch clearly is missing what changed our lives on the Wii U, Miiverse, the one place we had to meet gamers around the world, share our gameplay experiences with games, and have the Developers know their fans better and vice versa. Terrible Decision that is there, they haven’t even explained why they’d ditch such a thing, I’m sure there was a purpose to create it to begin with on the Wii U. They never could even state why they’d ditch it on the Switch, one of these days we must find out. What very little sympathy these people have to those like myself who’d been pleading directly to them to bring Miiverse to the Switch, and what very little sympathy they had to us on Miiverse anyway, with pointless updates, very few updates on what we ask upon, and a pointless redesign in 2015 that drove many away from it. Some stuff might never have even happened if not for Miiverse, such as Earthbound coming to the Wii U Virtual Console, as well as the creation of Art Academy.

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  2. CuriousUserX90 says:

    I don’t myself yet, and won’t have one till the next Official Mario Kart game for it with 16 NEW Nitro and Retro Tracks for it is announced to be coming it’s way. The Mario Kart Franchise has been the most popular of all Mario Spinoffs, of which we’ve been quite glad to see a new addition of it on each and every Nintendo System.

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