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Update #2: An official notice regarding the update has appeared in the app. Take a look at the English announcement below:



Update: The Japanese Pocket Camp page has released the full image of the upcoming gardening update. Not only will you be able to plant a beautiful bed of flowers, but new items and a new character are also on their way.

The text roughly translates to:

I will show you a bit of upcoming updates!
· Garden
· Craft of costume
 In addition, a new event is planned later this winter. Please look forward to the next report

Briefly spotted in the game’s Nintendo Direct in October and also seen in relevant code in the initial datamine, gardening is almost here in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. While we don’t have a clear date for its release at the moment, usually any new feature that’s been tweeted by the Japanese account for the app is implemented into the game within the week.

Just like the previous tweet teasing the Christmas campaign, gardening is given the same sneak peek, thanks to Lloid’s point-of-view in the provided image.

Gardening looks to be contained in a brand new area, similar to the mining/rock smashing minigame.

What are you hoping to grow in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp?

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