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Days before its official release, Nintendo Ambassadors and video game journalists started to receive Super Mario Cereal from Nintendo. Complete with a red bowl and spoon, it’s time to start off the day with the most important meal — or make tonight a breakfast-for-dinner day.

GameXplain has two videos detailing the cereal. Andre Segers had the honor of taste testing the cereal, and we get a look at that in the first video. Just as it was speculated by many, it looks like Super Mario Cereal will be powerfully scrumptious in the same way that Lucky Charms are magically delicious. If you also look closely in the video, you’ll also spot that the marshmallows appear better on the box than they do in real life. At least one question block was squished, and the red and green mushrooms have issues with the white of the mushroom hitting its mark.


As for the second video, Andre takes a trip to Tostarena. Visiting Uncle amiibo, we see exactly what this “delicious” amiibo does. Unsurprisingly, the figure does exactly what we’ve reported in the past: it provides players with the location of a Power Moon.


GameXplain isn’t the only one to receive this care package from Nintendo. AbdallahSmash hosted a livestream that showed him unboxing the cereal. He then taste tested it and scanned in the “delicious” amiibo. He lets people know that trying to scan in the amiibo can be a bit cumbersome if you don’t alter the box or rip the RFID chip out. If you need to see what exactly happens in Super Mario Odyssey right now, then check out Abdallah’s video:


Everyone here at Nintendo Wire is eagerly awaiting for December 11th so we can add yet another amiibo to our collections, as well as relive a part of our childhoods through a sweet breakfast food.

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Written by Jennifer Burch

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