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Team Meat kicked off its first email newsletter detailing Super Meat Boy Forever. If you think back to its feature at PAX West this year, as well as Nintendo’s Nindies@Night event, you might remember that we got a preview of the highly anticipated game — yet the release window remained a mystery. Now that some time has passed, it looks like we’ve finally received a slightly more detailed idea of when we can expect Super Meat Boy to hit the Switch:

“In other news, Super Meat Boy is hopefully going to be releasing on Switch in December. The game itself has been done for quite some time but we’re making something pretty special for the Switch version! We’ll have more details on that later…but I think it’ll be a pretty enticing reason for Switch owners to get the game again if they already own it on other systems.

To all of you asking about physical versions, we totally hear you and we’re working on it so don’t worry!”


It looks like Super Meat Boy is yet another Nintendo Switch game you can add to your holiday wish list. Given all the special and limited editions that have been released by various developers and publishers, we can’t help but wonder what that special something is for the Nintendo Switch version.

Super Meat Boy fans, are you ready to own the game once again?

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Written by Jennifer Burch

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