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Music’s the name of the game for Splatoon 2 right now. The latest update brought plenty in the form of gear, stages and gameplay tweaks — but when it comes down to it, it’s the songs that I can’t get enough of. For Japan it’s doubly so, as the soundtrack album, Splatune 2, is set to release on November 29th. This’ll bring together music from all the established in game bands, with plenty from Pearl and Marina especially.


The above video gives a look at some of the recording sessions of these songs, showing the talented musicians playing behind the scenes to give these aquatic artists their sound. Credit’s being given where due, with a series of album covers and key art coming out for each band and crediting the real life musicians. The names are all in Japanese (with a little bit of English stage name flair here and there), but there’s no need to read when it comes to fresh art of both Off the Hook and the Squid Sisters.

Check out these tweets from the Splatoon Twitter account to get a closer look at art representing the musicians:






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Written by Ricky Berg

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