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Time to lace up those Joy-Con straps. ARMS’ update of the month is here, and while the full patch notes are unavailable, we can at least spot one major difference!



We can finally place a name to a mask — the game’s 13th fighter is Misango. Dubbed “the spirited fighter” in-game, Misango is a two-for-one fighter. As of now, there’s no information for his floating spiritual bud, but this specter is playing a big role during matches. The Help section category titled “The Fighters” provides a brief rundown of the duo:

“When Misango charges up, his spirit companion imbues him with a special power determined by its color! If Misango charges up when his guardian spirit turns red, he can take punch after punch without flinching! Misango automatically guards during a rush he starts when his spiritual companion’s glowing yellow. When the woven spirit beside him glows blue, Misango’s charge will increase his speed! If Misango holds a guard, the guardian spirit beside him goes into full-on protective mask mode.”

We’ve also been given a name to their arena — Temple Grounds — and three brand new ARMS that’ll pack a punch. Scorpio, Glusher and Skully are the latest and greatest ARMS, as well as the first three in the new Poison classification.

Moving from Version 3 to 4 is looking at changing up the competitive scene with the newest expansion. How long will it be before we see a player using Misango hit the top 10 in Ranked Battles?

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Written by Jennifer Burch

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