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ARMS’ next fighter might be a two-for-one special. Eagle-eyed fans could spot something else in the footage showing off what the game’s next DLC character can do. Towards the end of a clip, some sort of force seemed to fly out from the fighter’s face and proceed to join in the fight. We already have the “robot bros for life” pair Byte & Barq, but how about a ghostly fighting pair or a fighter with two forms?


Get your Joy-Cons, Pro controllers or GameCube controllers ready. While ARMS’ Japanese Twitter account has been faithfully posting updates like the one above, Nintendo of UK’s Twitter account has been sharing much clearer footage of the next fighter to grace the Grand Prix’s roster.



It appears to be a spirit that changes colors, while the temple statue’s eyes glow with each switch. This could even be the reveal of an ARMS’ mask on a ghostly ghoul. It’s bit spooky, but perhaps this will be an ancient ARMS fighter spirit that will give a certain fighter a run for its money.

The ARMS roster is shaping up to be even more varied before: Max Brass, Lola Pop, and now a spectre-themed fighter who will probably have a catchy name. Say what you want about ARMS at launch, but with each and every update the game keeps getting better and better.

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Written by Jennifer Burch

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