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Hollywood. Los Angeles.

That area in southern California where the weather is always nice. A land filled with the glamorous movie stars and the dreams of hitting it big. What they don’t tell you about is how there’s a tarnish to the city, like the paper used for pulp novels lining bookstore shelves and newspaper stands.

Welcome to L.A. Noire — a game taking place just after World War II in sunny Southern California. Like any detective game that plays on the detective and noir genre conventions, L.A. Noire takes those rules and lets loose with the history of Los Angeles. Despite its six year-old status, the game is being brought back to this current console generation with some upgrades. Showing this off, Nintendo has shared a trailer of the game and how it will look in docked and handheld modes.

For those who missed out on its original releases on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, perhaps it’s time to pick up your badge and figure out what is going on in that City of Angels.



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Written by Jennifer Burch

Illustrator, designer, writer and big Nintendo geek, you can find Jennifer with an N3DS within reach 24/7. As the oldest of three, she has survived many Mario Party, Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart sessions intact in addition to getting her brothers hooked on some really weird games. (Cubivore anyone?)