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Earlier this year, we reported on the possibilities of Story of Seasons: Trio of Downs localizing its DLC content. XSEED made it clear that it would be a bit of a challenge to release across the board, both logistically and in a way that would please fans. It seems as though that’s changed, however, as it’s been confirmed the “New Neighbors” pack is releasing here after all.

This will bring plenty more dialogue, outfits, story and events to the farming life sim. That includes two more romance options from the game’s contest MC and judge, bringing one new bachelorette and bachelor for players to pursue. You’ll be able to get all of this for $7.99 after a free update arrives on its release day. This update will give all players some costumes based on Rune Factory 4 (among others) for free, and a new 3DS theme will launch at the same time for the standard $1.99 price point.

You can download the update and pick it up later next week, on November 9th.

Source: XSEED PR

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Written by Ricky Berg

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