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Localizing a game is no easy task, and when said game has post release content that features the same amount of text as some whole games it’s even more daunting. That’s the position XSEED games is in with Story of Seasons: A Trio of Towns. According to their most recent blog post, the post-launch DLC that was released in Japan for free has hit a few snags on its potential way overseas. There were four patches total, with over 200,000 Japanese characters across the whole of the additions. For reference, the whole of the first horror-adventure game Corpse Party had “…about 210,000 characters”.

While apparently the option of holding off and releasing the game once these were also localized was considered, that would have pushed back the launch considerably. Likewise it just wouldn’t be possible for them to release them for free in America. Citing the higher cost of the base game and amount of units sold back in Japan as reasons why they were distributed at no extra cost there, the amount of effort and money that would go into localizing the DLC would equate to being able to release “…a full other title.”

Nothing is set or confirmed at this time, but the blog is gauging interest in both the content itself and a willingness to pay for it. All together the content would be $3.99 a piece for three, separate packs of content. It’s noted, however that one piece of content may not make it. Licensed character Cheburashka could prove a bit trickier to bring over, leaving its fate uncertain at this time. It could prove similar to what unfortunately happened to Hamtaro, who definitely will not be in the localized game.

Having an interest in this game I’d definitely like to see the content made available even at a price. While being free is always a plus, there’s a certain satisfaction with directly supporting a company like this. The game will certainly be robust enough on its own, judging by the earlier blog posts made. With the likes of contest MC Stephanie and judge Woofio to potentially marry, extra events to enjoy, and new outfits (among more, other things) being a part of the DLC though, it sounds like it could prove really appealing to fans. Would you be interested in paying for this content, or even seeing it in the first place? I’m curious, and it sounds like XSEED is listening to fans across the internet.

Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns will be launching later this month on February 28th.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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