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Hard to believe it’s almost November, with game after game coming in fast. When it comes to speed, there’s only one true king, and it looks like he’s jumped the starting line just a bit. Sonic Forces has received a downloadable demo in the Japanese eShop, letting fans try out the game ahead of its release so they can work on those speedruns early.

Those who give it a go will get three stages to try out, one each for Modern and Classic Sonic, as well as one for the Avatar character. That last one features multiple Wispons to try out as well. The two hedgehogs will be running through Green Hill Zone, while the Avatar will take on the recently revealed Chemical Plant Zone stage.

It looks like instead of a limit players will only have a maximum of 60 seconds to play any of the stages, meaning you really do have to go fast if you want to get to the finish.

Thanks to the region free nature of the system, anyone interested can create a Japanese My Nintendo account fairly easily and download it themselves. We should see a localized version of the demo between now and the game’s November 7th release date.

We’ve played through all three levels of the demo. You can check out our footage of them all below!



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Written by Ricky Berg

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