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For those who were hoping last week’s reports about Lego Dimensions untimely end were false, we’re sorry to dash those dreams with this nail in the series’ coffin. On the official Lego Dimensions Twitter, the following tweet was shared this morning:


An official goodbye of sorts, the game will still have server maintenance and customer support. It won’t last forever though, and so far, there’s been no official comment about an ending date, like with Disney Infinity.

Despite this latest closure, Skylanders, amiibo, Lightseekers and more are still surviving the toys-to-life bubble to varying degrees. While it might seem to beg the question “Who’s next?”, we also need to continue asking: “Who’s willing to innovate?” The answer to that will help us better understand who can — and will — survive.

Until then, it’s time to figure out what sets you want to get from Lego Dimensions before they’re gone, or play the roulette game of which ones will appear in 99 cents stores like they did earlier this year.

Do you have any memorable play sessions with Lego Dimensions?

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Written by Jennifer Burch

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