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Mid-month has rolled around, which means it’s time for another Fire Emblem Heroes banner. This one focuses on the franchise’s fourth entry (and a personal favorite), Genealogy of the Holy War, finally bringing its leading Lord to the front stage.

The banner’s characters include Tailtiu (Blue Mage Infantry), Deirdre (Green Mage Infantry), and Sigurd (Sword Cavalier). Deirdre and Sigurd come sporting legendary weapons: Deirdre wields Divine Naga, which not only deals effective damage against dragons but also nullifies buffs, while Sigurd brandishes Divine Tyrfing, which gives +3 Res and reduces the first magic attack in combat by 50%. Couple that with a unique, uninheritable B-slot skill, Crusader’s Ward, that has a similar effect to Brave Ike’s Urvan (reduces the second hit of an attack from 2 spaces away by 80%) and it looks like Sigurd will be a force to be reckoned with.

While these three are the only three added to the banner, the trailer also shows who appears to be Ayra from the same game in a map, suggesting that she’ll be obtainable soon. The banner releases October 16th at Midnight PST, so start saving orbs now if you want a chance at snagging the holy knight and his betrothed (and Tailtiu too, I guess).

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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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