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Mighty Gunvolt Burst was a pleasant surprise for me on Nintendo Switch. While it doesn’t reach the gameplay heights of the Azure Striker games (also available and incredible on Switch), it’s a serviceable retro inspired platformer with loads of customization options. I enjoyed it enough to play through it as both G.V. and Beck when it launched. Since then, we’ve seen Gal*Gun’s Ekoro enter the game as free DLC, and now we’ve got two more leading ladies joining in.


The 1.2 update will add Call and Joule to better support their co-stars. Call looks to be a lot of fun, with enhanced aerial movement and a system of recruiting and using Patch robots. The different colors attack in different ways, somewhat reminding me of Gradius’ Options in a fundamental way. She even has three of her runner-up designs from her game’s development available as a fun nod to back when Mighty No. 9 actually looked a little promising. Joule, on the other hand, is a little tougher to pinpoint from what’s shown, but her songs and Anthem ability are along for the ride, able to overclock and utilize many abilities at once when her character-specific meter is filled.

These new characters are available today, though unlike Ekoro, there’s no free download period. That said, they’re only $1.99 each, and if you’ve already enjoyed the base game I’d say they’re more than worth it.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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