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It seemed like an inevitability that resident Fire Emblem quasi-mascot and money loving redhead Anna would make it into the Fire Emblem Warriors roster, but after months of wondering if she’d be playable (and after a leak seemed to confirm as such) Koei Tecmo has dropped a trailer a mere day after the game’s Japanese release, confirming that everybody’s favorite penny-pinching powerhouse is indeed playable.

Based primarily on her Fates appearance (with a cute beret to boot), Anna appears to have a very unique moveset. While Anna wields a bow like Takumi and Sakura, her playstyle appears far more eclectic, involving explosives, a cannon, a ballista (likely a reference to her sometimes-canon husband Jake) and her many, many Anna clones. While the seemingly infinite number of Annas in the FE multiverse has prompted many a Nurse-Joy-esque existential query, this is the first time where the grim starkness of such multiplicity stares us grim in the face, as the legion of Annas struggle for treasure in a harrowing display of our collective inner turmoil.

She appears to be unlockable by beating story mode without stopping or saving, which would explain why nobody has found her in-game like the other “hidden” characters yet. Looks like she’ll be a fine addition to the roster once the game releases in the U.S. on October 20th.

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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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