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The Blood Moon rises — and it appears as though everything has been plushified this time. Popping up in Tokyo Otaku Mode’s shop, San-Ei Co. has updated its Legend of Zelda line with Link, a Bokoblin and the Sheikah Slate from Breath of the Wild.

San-Ei might not sound familiar when you first hear it, but chances are, you have a plush or two manufactured by the company. Animal Crossing, Super Mario, Splatoon and more are just some of the licenses it’s been dabbling with in recent years.

As of now, the San-Ei hasn’t made a formal announcement regarding the Breath of the Wild expansion, but the company is making an appearance at Tokyo Game Show — so it’s possible it will be announcing these plushes at a later date.

Until then, if you want to get ahead of the game or add these guys onto your holiday wish list, you can. Listed with release dates for this month, the Bokoblin is $28, Link is $30 and the Sheikah Slate (which is a cushion) is $40. No word if they’ll be available on other sites or make the trip to Nintendo NY yet, but we’ll update you with that information once it becomes available.

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Written by Jennifer Burch

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