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Splatoon 2 got about a minute of spotlight in today’s Nintendo Direct. While we already have a new way to play Salmon Run on Friday, it looks like we’ll have a new way to play Turf War as well in addition to getting a peek at what’s to come in the next few weeks.


One of my favorites from the original Splatoon, Kelp Dome is back! It’s not a massive surprise, especially if you’ve been following the Splatoon 2 data mines over the last month. Regardless, it’s coming back with a twist. Bottlenecking was a big problem with its first version and this time around it might be solved – more grates and pathways have been added. This map will be available Friday evening.


Inspired by the city (in my case, I’m reminded of the LA River), Snapper Canal is brand new and is bringing water back into Splatoon 2’s maps. While not exactly like Mahi-Mahi Resort, water is flowing through the map, cutting it into two distinct areas. Start practicing your jumps or you’ll be splatted by a poorly timed button input!


Tentacle Umbrella? Not so much. Yes, it’s a play on tentacle, this brella is packing a tent on the inside. Brella fans rejoice if you’ve been wanting more defensive coverage. The Tenta Brella can take multiple hits and might be the driving force and push needed in Rainmaker battles. So far we haven’t seen its sub weapon, but its special is the newly released Bubble Blower.

Towards the end of Splatoon 2’s segment, Nintendo reiterated their promise for bringing new content to the game. May the Squid Research Lab have a successful year of findings!

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Written by Jennifer Burch

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