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Fire Emblem Warriors will release next week in Japan, and in the lead-up to launch the game’s cast is being grouped and shown off in some new videos. We already saw the heroes of Awakening take the spotlight but today the warring nations of Fire Emblem Fates have their turn.

The royal siblings of Nohr are up first, letting Xander, Camilla, Leo and Elise each show their stuff along with the female version of Corrin. While mounted characters are nothing new to Warriors style games I think it’s amusing that all four of them go into battle either on horseback or flying a dragon. Conquest was the Fates title I went through first so seeing all of these characters again has me excited, especially for the chance to play as Leo.

That’s not to say the Hoshido family looks any less impressive, though. Ryoma, Hinoka, and the recently revealed Takumi and Sakura each get a chance to try and one up their counterparts. Speaking of counterparts, the male version of Corrin also makes an appearance as a separate look for the character. Finally getting to see a bow using class in action for the game is definitely a plus, but when it comes to Birthright I can’t help but lean towards Hinoka.

It won’t be long til we know all about Fire Emblem Warriors, and with a Nintendo Direct coming tomorrow I think it’s likely we’ll see either this footage in English or some of Marth and potential other Shadow Dragon characters revealed. Once that’s out of the way it’ll be time to get shaken down for that sweet season pass money where hopefully the whole breadth of other Fire Emblem titles can get a chance to shine.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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