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Looks like Cappy’s not the only piece of sentient headwear we’ll be eyeing this October. We’ve had a hunch or two about Peach’s veil ever since we got a real good look at it via the recently revealed amiibo packaging, but thanks to the official Super Mario Odyssey website we can be that much more certain. Scrolling through the page we can spot an invitation to Bowser and Peach’s royal wedding meant for Mario to cry over, but it’s Peach’s veil that stands out more than anything.

While in the past we’ve seen a design on it that evokes Cappy’s eye style, this time there’s zero ambiguity. A pair of pink eyes are staring right back at us, complete with some stunning lashes. While there’s no name yet for what’s assumed to be another key player in Odyssey’s story, it raises some questions for sure. Is Peach being forced to follow along thanks to this veil? Is Bowser’s own hat going to get in on the ocular action? Will they be on her side, supporting her as best they can over the game? Could we even have a second campaign starring Peach and this currently undesignated diadem? Only time will tell.   

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Written by Ricky Berg

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