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As stellar a lineup as it already has, Star Fox 2 is easily the star of the Super NES Classic show. The long-lost game will finally be available, and with less than a month until its heavily delayed release, Nintendo’s uploaded a digital instruction manual fans can click through while they wait just a little longer.

It’s not just a collection of info and tips though. The manual starts by detailing the story and characters at the heart of the game, including the pair of pilots outside of the core Star Fox lineup: Miyu and Fay. We even get a look at Star Wolf’s cast for the game, which is mostly familiar, save for newcomer and potentially “most devious creature in the cosmos” Algy.

Some of my favorite parts of the manual are the old design documents and behind-the-scenes bits of info that are shared. Details like how this was the original groundwork for All Range Mode and the Arwing Walker Mode are interesting bits of trivia. Even when I already knew about them, to see it presented in such a tangible and official way makes the experience something special. There’s even some video footage to check out of the game in action, along with hints about how to gather medals in Mission Mode.

So if you’re interested in seeing how the different pilots compare to each other, or in finding out how you can pick your wingman and take on Andross, or even how you can acquire a few pieces of downloadable art, you owe it to yourself to go through this resurfacing piece of Nintendo history.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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