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Suda51’s new game ended up the finale of today’s Nindies showcase, and what a finale it was: the introduction of the latest entry in the No More Heroes franchise, Travis Strikes Again. While we’ve known there would be a NMH game coming to the Nintendo Switch, this is our first look at the long-awaited followup, and it looks to be as stylish and self-aware as ever.

For anyone who missed out on the series (now with a shiny new 10th anniversary logo), No More Heroes has followed Travis Touchdown. An anime obsessed loser in his late twenties who managed to win a beam katana in an online auction, Travis finds himself embroiled in a world of high-ranking assassins where he faces off with the top ten killers one by one with nothing but his laser sword, some wrestling moves, and what cash he can manage from working odd jobs around town. Words don’t do the game (or its sequel) justice, but to see a followup and hear some familiar voices and music during this latest video had me grinning at the idea of carving my way through its high concept.

The trailer follows an angry, older man that’s revealed to be No More Heroes boss character Bad Girl’s father. Out for revenge against Travis for murdering her, their fight ends up activating a phantom game console and being forced into a situation where Travis must get through the system’s games and their bosses. All of this is in collaboration with existing indie titles, with Hotline Miami mentioned specifically and meshing so perfectly — I’m surprised I never thought of it before.

Travis Strikes Again has shot up anticipated games, and will be launching only on Nintendo Switch in 2018.



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Written by Ricky Berg

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