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From the developer of Has Been Heroes, Frozenbyte’s next project is Nine Parchments. Still in line with the theme of battle, Nine Parchments will tug at your nostalgia with binge sessions of Gauntlet Dark Legacy back on the GameCube all those years ago, but set within the universe of Trine.

The heroes we’ll get to play as this time around aren’t exactly seasoned warriors, as they’re a group of dropout wizard apprentices. Do they have any training, you ask? Nah, not really. They’re bypassing the books in hopes of skipping to the “end” to obtain the Nine Parchments. Get ready for dying though, as giving untrained wizards scrolls upon scrolls of powerful spells usually doesn’t end well.

Online and local co-op with one to four players is being promised, along with multiple characters to choose from in addition to gear (wizard hats), weapons, skill trees and more.

For a more detailed look, the game received a time slot on Nintendo’s Red Cube stage at Gamescom this past week. Hopefully that can hold us over until its release later this year on the Nintendo Switch.

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Written by Jennifer Burch

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