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During the Nindies Presentation earlier today, we bore witness to many games across a huge variety of genres, but few stuck out, like the upcoming multiplayer games coming to the Switch. Three games were competitive in nature, and each one will offer a vastly different experience to accommodate individuals’ tastes.

Sausage Sports Club

First up, from Luckshot Games comes Sausage Sports Club, a title that could best be described as “small bodied, long-necked animals running into each other for fun and profit.” Featuring a variety of play modes like soccer and deathmatch, up to eight players at once, and — most essentially — funny head accessories and hats, the game looks like a mildly surrealist and extremely hilarious time to have with some friends who just wanna see a corgi with a neck comprising 60% of its body mass flail around for a while. It launches sometime this fall for the Switch.



Morphies Law

Next is a bizarre yet undoubtedly inspired take on third-person shooters from Cosmoscope, called Morphies Law. In this game, players will play as Dia de Los Muertos themed robots and shoot each other up, with a twist: as you hit an opponent’s body part, it shrinks and your own will grow. Whichever team has the highest total body mass at the end (represented by a team avatar) will win. While you obviously want larger bodies, you’ll be easier to hit in the process, and abilities will also change depending on the size of certain body parts. It looks both strange and wholly unique, so be on the lookout for it come this winter.



Light Fingers

Finally comes Light Fingers, from numizmatic games corporation. This digital tabletop game involves a band of thieves slinking around after dark, seeking riches and wagering the night away. The game incorporates procedural generation and action elements to add a bit of flavor to its shady practice, and it looks like it’ll make a great local experience with friends. The game will launch sometime in 2018.


Which upcoming multiplayer indie title are you most intrigued by? Let us know in the comments.

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