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After today’s Nindies Showcase, Nintendo of America uplaoded a few more videos highlighting the Switch’s upcoming indie line up and a few games that will make an appearance at PAX West this week. Here are just a few more games to add to your Switch wishlist.

AWAY: Journey to the Unexpected

A first person shooter/fighter of sorts mixed in with some anime and character-based animations, AWAY: Journey to the Unexpected is a grand adventure that awaits. Developed by Aurelien Regard and Jim Gennisson, gamers can look forward to an 8 to 10 hour tale. In the words of the official site: “Progress through the levels and the story, choose your path, but above all, recruit allies. All the strange characters you meet in game can be played in first person, and it’s up to you to find the right answers to get them to join your team! Idiotic workmen, mysteries from outer space, oddball friends, and fast combat await!”

Fans of Ni no Kuni, this might satisfy your desire for an anime-inspired adventure on the Nintendo Switch. AWAY: Journey to the Unexpected will be out during Q1 of 2018.


Dandara is a metroidvania 2D platformer that defies gravity, and a product of two-man game studio Long Hat House which is situated in Brazil.

If that intriguing trailer has got you interested, the game’s official site shares its credits, several blog updates and the following blurb:

“In a bizarre universe where the oppressed are on the brink of oblivion, Dandara has awoken to reshape the world.”

With Dandara “coming soon” to Nintendo Switch, will it succeed? Get your controller and touch screen ready for saving the world!


Fans of oddities and automatic movement have a lot to look forward to from Runner3. Commander Video is back to run, jump and slide through stages full of strange scenery and characters, all to some fantastic music and sound work. The bit.Trip games have always been almost hypnotic in how well all of the elements blend together, and to have a whole new experience to dive into has us excited.

While today’s trailer shown was the same as the game’s reveal, it confirmed that the game has been pushed back a bit, coming out in 2018 now.

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Written by Jennifer Burch

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