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Pokémon Centers in Japan have finally released new information on how they’ll be celebrating Halloween this year. As we reported earlier, thanks to Pokémon Trainer Jaxson Tapp’s sleuthing, Mimikyu is getting so much love that it’s the Pokémon of choice that will be distributed to copies of Pokémon Sun & Moon this spooky season. Plus, it’s shiny, which is even better.

Pikachu, Bewear and Mimikyu are getting the spotlight when it comes to dressing up this year. Ready to trick-or-treat, Pikachu has some chic MC Hammer pants in orange and black while donning a ghost cape featuring a very familiar face. Imitation is a form of flattery, no? Bewear is all wrapped up like a Dusclops ready to walk around like one (or a mummy). Then there’s Mimikyu, be still our hearts. This critter is decked out as a scarecrow — the cutest one for this holiday, in my extremely biased “because I am a fangirl” opinion.

They’re not the only three celebrating the holiday — Alola’s starters are dressed up and cosplaying, too. Litten’s desire to be a bat cat has them channeling their inner Swoobat. Rowlet and Popplio are sporting more of a pumpkin theme. And can’t forget Eevee! This year, Eevee is a very dapper vampire count, but without the fangs. Cubone is scattered throughout some of the accessories, wearing a black and white body suit. A skeleton, perhaps?

From what has been teased so far, the Pokémon Halloween Time line has plushies, keychains, phone charms, mugs, ID holders, pins and more. For a limited time, starting September 22nd, purchases that exceed 2,500 yen will also receive a special clear card. There are three designs and all feature Pikachu, Bewear and Mimikyu partaking in some festive fall activities.

If you’re still in the mood for ghost themed Pokémon goodies, Trial Captain Acerola will be getting her own merchandise line for the season, dubbed Mysterious Encounters. Out on September 22nd, more details will be posted on September 8th.

Lastly, if you’re able to go to select Pokémon Center locations starting September 23rd, you can partake in a photo opportunity and meet and greet with Pikachu, Bewear and/or Mimikyu — who will all be decked out in Halloween costumes made just for the occasion. If it’s anything like Pikachu Outbreak in Yokohama earlier this month, I can’t wait to see Pikachu and Mimikyu interact! Hmm, I wonder what will happen if you offer them some candy?

If you’re already pining away for some of this merchandise, sit tight. Pokémon Center’s North American site has carried select items from the Halloween line in the past. Here’s hoping that most of it will be available to order next month!

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