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If the standard selection of Joy-Cons isn’t doing it for you, or you wish that your Switch had a custom back plate, rather than the standard black one, you’re in luck! Myriann, a seller on AliExpress, is currently selling a number of differently colored shells for both the main Switch itself and for Joy Cons. There are a few available solid colors, but the most interesting option is definitely the clear shell for the entire system. Allowing you to see the inner workings of your console is something Nintendo was really into in the past, but has begun to shy away from with recent home consoles.

Now is your chance to get your hands on your own set of clear Joy-Cons, though it should be noted you’ll have to open up your Switch and replace the shells on your own, voiding your warranty in the process. The different shells all start at $18.99, whether it’s a back shell or Joy-Con shell — though the clear set of Joy-Con shells is priced slightly higher at $21. There’s also an option to buy the whole clear set for $39.99.

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Written by Jaxson Tapp

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