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Our favorite stackable bear trio has a new treat for all us video game fans — and this time, you won’t need to wait in line at a food truck to get a taste of greatness.

In a recent cross-promotion between Nintendo and Cartoon Network, We Bare Bear’s Grizz and Pan Pan are duking it out in an intense a game of ARMS on the one and only Nintendo Switch. Once Ice Bear finishes vacuuming in the background, he joins in on the battle and destroys Panda with a few simple flicks of his wrists and flips in the air (in true Ice Bear fashion).

After the adorable high tech “brother” bears finish their match, a pretty smooth transition flashes to an ARMS commercial on their TV set where we get another glimpse of the title’s fighters in action. Have a look at the sequence below!


(Unfortunately, this is the only footage of the commercial we have at the moment. We’ll replace it with a better quality video should we come across one.)

On a personal note, I very much enjoyed this collaboration between Nintendo and Cartoon Network. I’m a pretty big fan of We Bare Bears, so seeing Grizz, Panda and my favorite stoic mammal, Ice Bear, having fun playing the Switch is kind of surreal. I’d love to see more commercials like this in the future.

(Ice Bear wants to play Switch. Ice Bear loves Switch.)

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Written by Lauren Ganos
Creative Director, Managing Editor

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