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Ever since its announcement, there hasn’t been a lot of buzz from official sources about the SNES Classic. Thankfully, Nintendo of Japan knows what the people want and has provided a comprehensive video on the fully featured mini console I always dreamed of.

The video goes over the entire game library of the Super Famicom Classic Edition, including the never before released Star Fox 2, as well as the basic features of the system. Keep in mind that there will be differences with the library (in comparison to the small console we’ll be getting here in the states) for sure, and potentially with display and features — but as-is, this is the best existing look into the sought after system.


There are some standout details that separate the Super Famicom mini from the previously released Famicom mini. For one thing, the controllers for this system will be effectively the exact same as the original designs to maintain the feel of the games. They’ll also be removable from the system, a feature that the Japanese design was lacking compared to the American NES Classic. There will also be save states and even replay options, where you can apparently jump into any point of the saved state as if you were rewinding a movie. The expected visual filters are also along for the ride, as well as borders that you can cycle through and change to fit the game you’re playing.

Again, there may be some differences once we see the American version of the system, but we won’t have too much longer to wait. It releases in just about a month, and you can bet we’ll be at the ready to let you know when you can pre-order it.

If you’re itching to get an even closer look at what the video above has to offer, check out the still shots we captured in our gallery below.



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Written by Ricky Berg

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