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Last week, The Pokémon Company hosted the annual Pikachu Outbreak in Yokohama, Japan, and this year the event was also home to a real-world Pokémon GO event, featuring increased region exclusive spawns and the first sighting of Mewtwo in Legendary Raid Battles. Niantic has disclosed that over two million players took part in the Pikachu Outbreak, catching over 15 million Pikachu, and over 120 million Pokémon total. Also seen for the first time during Pikachu Outbreak was Shiny Pikachu, which began to spawn exclusively at the event.

Now that Pikachu Outbreak has come to a close, Mewtwo will start appearing in Exclusive Raid Battles all over the world, but the legendary Pokémon isn’t the only unique critter cropping up across the globe. It’s been confirmed by various trainers on Twitter and Reddit that Shiny Pikachu has begun to spawn worldwide, available for trainers to hunt down and collect. Once caught, Shiny Pikachu will have sparkles around it on its info page, and the Pokédex entry will include a separate “form” entry indicating that you have caught or seen a Shiny Pikachu.

Are you excited to see this off-color cutie in Pokémon GO? Have you caught one already? Let us know in the comments below, or on Twitter and Facebook!

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