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Looks like sucker punches will have a whole new meaning in ARMS. Whether or not you’ve been following the recent ARMS data mine, this latest tweet definitely points us in the right direction of the game’s new character — their theme being “Sweet.” Not only that; this image gives us a potential tip as to what their design will be. The fans in the background are wearing Min Min masks/wigs, but fans are also wearing green, taffy-like wigs that are adorned with magenta accessories. (Candy wrappers? Gumballs? Gummies?) It won’t be long until we find out, as this sugary goodness should be debuting this month.

Does Mr. Yabuki have a sweet tooth? That or maybe Biff wanted to travel to a Parisian-like café area. (Biff cookies, macarons and coffee sound like a tasty collection of snacks to munch on while one relaxes…) Oddly enough, this might be the first time we’ve seen Biff’s complete character model. Are those springy ARMS on him, too? Maybe he’ll make the jump from announcer to a fighter so he can step into the ring in the future.

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Written by Jennifer Burch

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