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Since the game was announced, I’ve wanted to see how certain classes would play and behave in Fire Emblem Warriors. Pegasus Knights were at the top of that list, and thanks to the reveal of Awakening’s Cordelia, we can finally get a brief look. While nothing indicating a greater sense of free movement via flight was shown, many of her attacks take advantage of her mount. She’s able to dive into and through enemy ranks with her spear at the ready, and it looks like even her pegasus can get a few hits in as well. Her role as a squad knight member is even referenced, with her being able to call in allies to bombard rival armies for her Special Attack.


We’re getting close to the one month mark for the game’s release in Japan, hopefully with the localized version coming not too long after. After seeing so many familiar faces in the mobile title Fire Emblem Heroes, it’d be a shame not to end up with some greater series representation or deeper cuts added to the roster. All things considered, the lineup is pretty clearcut — and if Hyrule Warriors is any metric, we should have some DLC on the horizon for FE Warriors as well.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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