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The Ketchup vs. Mayo Splatfest has come and gone, and the event managed to leave behind a couple somethings for us to enjoy anytime we please. Assuming you played enough and encountered them during the Splatfest, two new Off the Hook songs were debuted and added to the Ika Radio 2 rhythm game. They’ve joined the previously released Ebb & Flow, and are called “Acid Hues” and “Much Warfare.” If you can’t swing by to give them a listen in-game, Nintendo of Japan has posted previews of the pair on its YouTube channel.

Acid Hues highlights just how danceable the songs can be, with a driving beat and overlaid synth effects keeping it alive. The vocal effect only adds to the mix, washing over everything like ripples on the water’s surface and switching from Marina to Pearl halfway through. Much Warfare, on the other hand, is carried by its vocals, with the drums working overtime to pump up Inklings in the heat of a match.

“Acid Hues”



“Much Warfare”


I know I got pumped up whenever I heard Acid Hues playing during a match, making it my definite favorite of these two. Ebb & Flow’s finally got some competition when it comes to Off the Hook’s library, and I hope there’s plenty more to come from Marina and Pearl. Give them a listen yourself, and remember you can catch the full versions yourself right outside The Shoal.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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