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The upcoming indie game for Nintendo Switch that is tugging on those Advance Wars heartstrings, Wargroove, has been detailed even more, courtesy of the game’s developer blog. Today Rodrigo from the dev team shared how the game is handling the archer class, abilities (mainly passive) and reinforcements.

If you’re looking for a massive breakdown of what’s to come, sorry, as the blog entry isn’t too long. That said, it certainly has some lovely footage of the game in gif form – pixel art galore. Overall the main highlights of the piece are as follows:

  • Archers are classified as infantry units. During their turn they can move and attack (with a range of three).
  • Reinforcements is brand new, allowing units to be healed by friendly cities.
  • All units will have an active or passive ability. Active abilities will be tied to actions for objects and/or special powers that specific units have. Passive abilities will increase damage dealt when certain conditions are met.

There’s still no word on a release date, but when it does drop we’ll be ready to conquer each map (or be mercilessly taken down)!

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Written by Jennifer Burch

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