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If you’re like me you’re wanting to see what makes Fire Emblem Warriors more…Fire Emblem-y. We’ve seen plenty of the Warriors style gameplay and know that the characters pull spectacularly from the source material, but in the transition from turn based strategy to real time hack-and-slash a lot can be lost. Thankfully the series’ support conversations have made their debut via the Japanese YouTube channel for Koei-Tecmo Games.

The first of these has Marth and Chrom discussing their approaches to the battlefield. Chrom has a tendency to rush in headlong, and takes notice and admiration in the way Marth is able to keep his eyes on his allies even in the thick of things. Marth in turn compliments Chrom’s daring and bravery, comparing him to King Anri, the found of Altea.

Second, we have Chrom again though this time having a talk with Ryoma. Rather than respect, the attitude between the two comes off as more competitive. As a pair of master swordsmen they each feel they’ve figured out the other’s style and can easily best them the next time around. Whether we’ll see how these sparring sessions go in other, potential conversations remains to be seen.

The last of these for now stars Corrin and Xander, reaffirming that she comes from Nohr as is usually the case for female Corrin. She seems awed by the wildlife nearby, noting a particularly cute bird. Xander’s amused by her interest in fauna, with Corrin expressing joy at being able to see all these things for the first time alongside her sibling. Xander returns the sentiment, calmed and at peace thanks to Corrin’s cheerful expression.

It looks like we may have more of these conversation previews to look forward to, though how they’ll be accessed in game is still unknown. It won’t be much longer, though, as Fire Emblem Warriors will be launching on Switch and New 3DS systems this fall.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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