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Update: Thanks to a tweet from Nintendo of America, we now know the stage will be called Shifty Station here, and it will be able to change between Splatfests. This should give some variety to the competitions! The new tweet is included below, followed by the original article.

This weekend’s going to be a big one for Splatoon 2, all headlined by the first Splatfest since it launched. The battle of ketchup and mayo will be at the heart of this, but it looks like it’ll be happening on a debut stage for the game. Called the Mystery Zone in Japanese, this new arena leans on some stellar themes and looks to take inspiration from Hero Mode’s Octarian stages.

Take a look at the screenshots and look forward to this one during the event, because by the sound of things it’ll only be coming around for Splatfests. If you haven’t already splashed into the ink-redible world of Splatoon 2 now’s the right time so you don’t miss out on its inaugural competition.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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