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Our very own Matthew Weidner is lucky enough to visit Nintendo NY whenever he likes, and he made it his mission to head there this weekend to check out all of the Splatoon 2 merch exclusive to the store. By the time he arrived yesterday, the event was already nearing its end — yet the excitement that had been going strong there since the game’s launch on Friday was still very present. Many of the shelves that were once overflowing with Splatoon products (hats, plushes and more) were nearly empty, and certain items, like the splat toy guns, were completely sold out. After speaking with a few employees, Matthew’s inklings about the event were confirmed: the launch was a complete success!

Even though the heavy crowds had cleared by the time Matthew had the chance to scour the floors for all the new exclusive merch, he had a blast capturing all the Splatoon 2 goodness that remained. And there’s no one better suited to view his findings than fellow squid kids — like you — which is why he’s sharing all of his findings right here, right now. Featured below is a large gallery of what Nintendo NY attendees can see while perusing the store floors.

Have fun checking out all of Nintendo NY’s squidtastic offerings — and, as always — stay fresh.



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Written by Lauren Ganos
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