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Developers Crescent Moon Games, Blowfish Studios and We’re Five Games are bringing you a new title that’s sure to make a sublimely cosmic impression on you.

Inspired by classics like Metroid Prime, Turok and Ratchet and Clank, Morphite is an atmospheric exploration sci-fi shooter with platforming elements that’s heading to the Nintendo Switch alongside a number of other platforms. Prepare yourself for real-time space combat, environmental puzzle solving, space trading, and a journey through the stars that will immerse you in a beautifully stylized, low-poly universe. Fully voiced storyline and large bosses to battle in tow, Morphite is one experience that will resonate with you in a truly unearthly way.


Here’s more information directly from Crescent Moon Games:

Your goal is to explore the galaxy, research plants and animals, battle hostile entities, and unravel a mystery surrounding a rare material called Morphite. Morphite is set to be a deep and enriching single player experience with both a story-driven plot as well as open-ended, player-driven exploration and discovery.

The story of Morphite takes place in a far off future when humanity has long since populated the distant reaches of space. The player takes on the role of Myrah Kale, a young woman residing on a space station and workshop under the care of her surrogate father, Mr. Mason. What starts as a simple exploratory mission to gather supplies to support their shop rapidly turns into a journey revealing Myrah’s unknown past and her relationship to a rare, coveted, and nearly extinct material called Morphite.

In order to unlock and understand the mysteries of her past, Myrah must travel to undiscovered planets, roam uncharted sectors of space, and confront exotic creatures and locales in search of this Morphite.

Aside from the main storyline, the worlds of Morphite are randomly generated.
Encounter various creature types, landscapes, caves, rivers, and more to explore. Explore space stations, abandoned or infested with alien life.

Morphite will be available on several devices, including the Nintendo Switch, iOS, Steam, Xbox One, PlayStation 4. It will officially make its way to the platforms this September.

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