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Splatoon fans, it’s time to dust off your original amiibo from the first game. While Nintendo did note that the first and second sets of Inkling Girl, Inkling Boy and Inkling Squid would be compatible with Splatoon 2, they never specified how. Thanks to Mon Amiibo on YouTube we now know, as they scanned in these six for the first time and recorded it too!

Originally used to reward players for completing various challenges, it appears that the gear will be making a return in Splatoon 2. Samurai Gear, School Gear and Power Gear can be added to your collection once again, but there’s no word if the weapons (replicas of what was available in Splatoon’s Hero Mode) or if the Arcade Games of Squid Racer, Squidball or Squid Beatz will be making the super jump to the Nintendo Switch as well.

Yes, Callie and Marie are also compatible with Splatoon 2, but from what we’ve seen so far, that might be on the “do not show” list that Nintendo provides to reviewers. You’ll just have to wait till launch day to see what those Squid Sisters will do.

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Written by Jennifer Burch

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