In anticipation for Friday, the Nintendo Switch Online app can now be downloaded on Android and iOS devices from the U.S. Google Play Store and App Store.

There’s nothing too much beyond an intro to the app and a description of what it can be used for, as any attempts to login will send users to a server maintenance screen.


We do at least have an idea of how we’ll be able to connect with friends — Facebook, LINE, Twitter and more — so no friend codes to worry about here, unless they’re behind the ellipsis icon.

Outside of the app, Nintendo has posted a FAQ section on their support site.

Some of the notable topics discussed include how to create and join a room in Splatoon 2, as well as how players can be booted from the app:

“The voice chat will disconnect while you’re talking on the phone or using another application, but your voice chat will restart in the same room once you open the Nintendo Switch Online application again as long as the game session is still ongoing,” reads the FAQ.

For further details of setting up a room and joining friends, definitely check out Nintendo’s setup page for it.

Stay connected to Nintendo Wire for more news about the app as it becomes available!

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Written by Jennifer Burch

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